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enJOUi serves as an encouragement for community engagement through the curation of experiences and workshops.

With a mission to bring knowledge on various aspects of food.

Dedicated to promoting the preservation of land, spirituality, and supporting BIPOC communities.

enJOUi aspires to achieve success by delivering community togetherness through arts and collaborative initiatives..

Hand Using Paint Brush
A Prehistoric Drawing

Jarmonay Nelson

In the realm of agriculture, urban gardening, education, culinary arts, and literature, she navigates as a beginner farmer, urban gardener, teacher, chef, author, and student. Beyond her professional pursuits, she gracefully fulfills the role as a mother of two boys and is committed to naturalist ideas.

Her demeanor elicits varied descriptions—some recognize her as unpredictable, while others know her to be a spirited young lady with a zest for life! The blend of nature, knowledge, and community forms the bedrock of her values.

An advocate for skill development and resources, she perpetually seeks opportunities for learning, whether in the kitchen or beyond. With over a decade of dedicated baking and cooking from scratch in Howard County, her true passion lies in every facet of food, from planting to serving. Her creative process is driven by a fusion of movement and love, embracing trial and error to unveil the outcomes of life's artistic expressions.

Current Favorite Vegetables: green beans, okra, and carrots

Favorite Season: Fall, for its just right weather and perfect camping conditions!

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