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The French word "enjoui" can be translated as "delighted."

"joui" is the French word for "enjoyed."

a state of mind that brings pleasure and delight

enJOUi serves as a catalyst for community engagement through the curation of events and workshops.

With a mission to bring knowledge on various aspects of food.

Dedicated to promoting the preservation of land, spirituality, and supporting BIPOC communities.

enJOUi aspires to achieve success by delivering community togetherness through arts and collaborative initiatives worldwide.

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A Prehistoric Drawing



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In the realm of agriculture, urban gardening, education, culinary arts, and literature, she navigates as a beginner farmer, urban gardener, teacher, chef, author, and student. Beyond her professional pursuits, she gracefully fulfills the role as a mother of two boys and is committed to naturalist ideas.

Her demeanor elicits varied descriptions—some recognize her as unpredictable, while others know her to be a spirited young lady with a zest for life! The blend of nature, knowledge, and community forms the bedrock of her values.

An advocate for skill development and service, she perpetually seeks opportunities for learning, whether in the kitchen or beyond. With over a decade of dedicated baking and cooking from scratch in Howard County, her true passion lies in every facet of food, from planting to serving. Her creative process is driven by a fusion of movement and love, embracing trial and error to unveil the outcomes of life's artistic expressions.

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enJOUi - Growing

Winter 2023

In our first growing season of 2023, we feature collards, garlic, lettuce, and broccoli ++ , offering diversity and successful hardy plants.


Compost Making

Introducing red wigglers that aid in breaking down compost for spring, ensuring efficient decomposition. Cold temperatures have slowed down the composting process without these helpful worms.


Spring Crops

Tomatoes, Okra, African Greens, and Peppers, contributing to a rich and diverse harvest.

Spring flower garden


Spring brings a focus on growing herbal flowers, adding both beauty and health benefits to the respected area.

A bountiful season awaits!

Image of wooden raised beds in allotment vegetable garden, timber

5 Raised Beds - Project

A collaborative effort to enhance

the garden space.

Date TBD

Kids plant vegetables indoors.

Seedling Preparation

Preparing for spring by getting seedlings in the ground and eagerly anticipating the first sale of the year.

"But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control." - Galatians 5:22-23

As the community garden manager , my mission is to bring awareness and pay homage to the respected area by utilizing and enhancing the Elkridge Landing garden located at the Elkridge Food Pantry on the land of the Melville United Methodist Chapel.